Ashutosh Jha

Life is short – live. People are busy – Don’t waste time. It’s not always about you – be considerate and have compassion.

I am a Entrepreneur, with special interest in (disruptive) creative and socio-economic ventures. I am based between Toronto, Canada, and Delhi, India. Most of the projects in my portfolio involve either a creative-business, a disruptive-business, or business-with-a-creative-person, and sometimes all together. They are driven by needs and frustrations of my own, and people I know. Thereby they are social in nature and typically solve a problem or make life better, for society & individuals. I spend most of my time with my awesome colleagues,  caring advisors, worldly mentors or intelligent mentees – and am grateful for each one of them, past-and-present, present-and-future, both younger and older than me.

I am currently passionate about providing all types smokers – cigarettes, cigars, hookahs and herb – with cleaner (harm-reducing) vapor based alternatives, with a view to facilitate abstinence for everything. The company, 180 Smoke, was crowd sourced from thousands of smokers in 2012 in partnership with a leading heart surgeon.  My hope is that as a result of this venture, which surely I have a vested interest in, there will be better life for smokers — which is approx. 20-25 percent of world population, if you consider all type of smokers, part-time, and full-time, cigars, cigarettes, shisha and herbs, — and their family, friends and work colleagues.  If my vested interest can help speed up fixing of one of world’s most urgent health / social problems, it is surely a just project to take on. This may enable better use of public resources, care system and talents that often leave us sooner than their natural time. I am also motivated by the fact that it helps the environment and saves everyone a ton of money for governments and individuals.

Over the years, I have stayed active in polity around me –  from being class monitor every year through school, being active in high school student leadership, to getting involved in university student government,  to now when I almost always volunteer my time during city/provincial/federal elections. I have in past invested time on some trans-national policy shaping opportunities as a junior researcher.  A lesson I have learned from my uncle and other people around me, to be involved in public affairs as much as you can.

I have been engaged with several amazing philanthropic projects over the last decade. I find it has helped me be a better person and provides me with some serious benefits like great insights, lessons and opportunity to meet interesting people.

I have worked with several talented business partners, and our assets and services have spanned a variety of inter-disciplinary fields such as Food & Hospitality, Media & content Production, Publishing, Event Production and Health/Life Style.

Prior to taking entrepreneurship full time, I worked with Accenture Canada for several years under some excellent partner level executives. I started my work on the business and project management team of solutions delivery center in Mississauga. This center, which is part of Accenture’s very cool Global Delivery Network, delivers on all the technical work Accenture offers. After, I joined the “market maker” team with focus on structuring and closing large and complex deals with with Canadian and American Financial Services companies. These projects were often $100 million+  projects that would help these companies execute “market making” self improvement projects.  During this time, I had the chance to work with leading senior “solution architects” and sales executives.  After some time, I joined the Canada IT Strategy & Transformation team that takes both business and IT perspectives to assist clients evaluate  opportunities, and develop IT strategies and plans to meet their current and future needs.

I graduated from Trinity College, University of Toronto where I did Software Engineering Specialization and Philosophy.  I also completed a short executive business program at the Rotman School of Management. I briefly attended University of Guelph for Computing and Information Sciences before  moving to Trinity College at the University of Toronto.

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