Pehla Nasha, that mesmorizing song from Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar, gives a tingling feeling to millions around the world. This is a fact and you know it! Well, that is, if you listen to Hindi (“bollywood”) music.  It’s one of those facts that needs no polls or surveys done to prove it. It’s been a favourite for as long as I can remember having a “favourite list” in my head. I must have been 9 or so when I first heard this song on Akasvani, the All India Radio. Mostly people older than me would know what I am talking about. Our one and only source for news, besides grapevine. I can vaguely remember that mushy feeling and I would be all ears every time this song came on. I don’t think I saw the video till months or may be years later since we didn’t have cable. When I saw this movie several years later at cousin’s home on cable, I instantly fell in love with the movie too.

I listen to Pehla Nasha every now and then on youtube and its one of the few songs I paid for to have on my ipod. I heard Alaa Wardi’s rendition of Pehla Nasha (scroll down) and enjoyed it very much. What was so impressive was not just the fact that this kid doesn’t actually know or speak hindi but that the fact that he reproduced all the music making sounds using his hands, mouth and other body parts. From one Creative-Entrepreneur to a Creative-preneur genius … great job Alaa Wardi.

I enjoyed learning more about Alaa Wardi via his public channels. He is a worldly musician based in Saudi but originally from Iran. He believes uplifting peoples soul though his music is the aim of his life. Very nice Alla. In his words “Alaa Wardi is my name, making music is my trade, bringing happiness is my desire, uplifting souls is my aim, all people are my brothers and sisters, all countries are my home, love and equality are my beliefs, hatred and prejudice depresses me”.

My very best wishes to you from Toronto. I also enjoyed listening to some of your other songs.

-Ashutosh Jha

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