Watching the video of Cpl. Ron Francis give his uniform back at the RCMP office was quite sad and heartening. No man should have to go through that and surely not like this in public. Reading the interview between Jen Gerson and  Cpl.  Francis was actually informative, which is, as he said, the main message he is trying to get out.

It is sad RCMP has allowed such a situation to happen and I hope they take immediate actions to improve PTSD programs and give Corporal Ron Francis some respect. Being the big rigid machine they are, I can see that they may just be doing this for their image so I hope senior leaders in the organization own up to it.

For some jobs, Smoking up is good, but others its not. I would think (From my limited knowledge) that smoking up while policing may not help with your full 100% alertness. Now as Corporal Francis, perhaps he is one of few who are fully awake and fully aware and at their 100%. I would love to hear your opinion if you know more medical facts about this.

So what I am saying is that its not about who is wrong. I personally don’t think you should smoke pot and play police … I just think you wouldn’t be alert enough.  I am okay if you do it in your personal space. I also think the government should do their job of providing and promoting unbiased information about marijuana, backed by facts and research. I think the same about any other habits we have, such as smoking and drinking. I also think that RCMP should get their act together and talk to him and get his help in fixing the problem.

I heard people comparing this situation to Rob Ford situation on Facebook. While I see some logic here in how there are some parallels, I think this is a bit different. In this case, RCMP has a lot of work to do. In Rob Ford case, I think we have a lot of work to do in electing better.

On National Post site, I saw that an individual, Keith Mcintosh, this comment.

 “For decades, the RCMP has been hiring sub-standard candidates based on ethnic heritage and/or sex and/or sexual orientation. This has been their up front, in-your-face policy, and has been made clear to all potential recruits. White males (English) must achieve one standard on the written test. All others are allowed to be processed with lower testing results.”

It sparked a bunch of debate. And I think good one. They were relatively civilized to each other. That got me thinking. For jobs like these, and jobs like being a Mayor, you need people with extraordinary skills and they should be screened better. As a visible Minority myself, I believe people should get a job because of their competency level but aid should be provided to improve and become more competent in that field. And this applies to local Caucasian individuals too. Now that most work forces are pretty diverse and many smart individuals of all backgrounds have made up the chain (or are slowly creeping up there), I would hope they will look at some of the positive points in this quote here … there certainly is a little truth to it. I learned about this from friends that applied to government jobs and worked for government, or other gov agencies. I also don’t understand why gov needs to know my background before interviewing me?? Just have a better process in place to make sure all people who look good get interviewed.

I worked at Accenture and other companies and they are all primarily merit based.