I remember Electronic Cigarette from late 2009, which is the first I saw them popping up on online stores. Since then, million shave tried it and a lot of them have found it helpful in achieving their goals to avoid tobacco. Since then, Health Canada started fear mongering rather than trying to make good use of this novel tool that can improve health for millions, and save the government and the people billions of dollars.

People will often tell you that e cigarettes are illegal in Canada and the fact that Health Canada put out a confusing advisory suggesting sale of e-cigarettes with nicotine is not ok, has not helped anyone. I hope Health Canada wakes up and does  not let us lose out on opportunities that this tool provides. They should be trying to take advantage of this by creative a constructive environment, not making our lives difficult.

As an socio-economic entrepreneur, I am very frustrated. I set out to help improve life of people around me, and make a business out of it. Smoking of all types is by far the single most preventable cause of death. That is sad! This is the best damn type of business I could do, helping people around me, helping myself and helping the governments.

Business Case for Tobacco Harm Reduction

  • Each tobacco smoker costs a business $3,391 per year — including $1,760 in lost productivity and $1,623 in excess medical expenses. Thats about $20 billion in lost across the country given Canada has about 6 million smokers.
  • A private building management company, or governemnt will save about $190 per 1,000 square feet each year in lower cleaning and maintenance costs.  based on some EPA  estimates, Canada can save $125 million to $250 million per year across the country in building operations and maintenance costs.
  • Based on a Society of Actuaries research, Canadian economy loses roughly $300 million a year: $150 million in estimated medical costs associated with secondhand smoke exposure, and another $150 million in lost wages. This estimate does not include youth exposure to secondhand smoke.

(this article is work in progress, and currently a draft; Read this 180 Smoke Review i wrote recently.)