Electronic Cigarettes, commonly known as an “e cigarette“, are a hot topic these days and there are plenty of people with very strong opinions on both sides of the table. It is big topic of public debate these days, and “rightly so”. And ‘rightly so’ part is the one thing people on both both sides of the debate will agree on. I also agree that there should be a lot more discussion on this topic. But a topic of this importance and potential value to our society should be constructive, collaborative and action oriented with a view to move the topic forward, not backward. I find very few people are actually basing their arguments of facts and logic.

I am going to summarize this ongoing debate and try my best to reference facts and use logic in my argument.

First, lets understand Tobacco

Tobacco Facts & Stats

Fact: Did you know the revenue of Tobacco companies is ~$664 Billion USD (2010) which is greater than gdp of 91% of all countries in the world combined (~178 countries)


Note: This article is a ongoing piece of work

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