Couple months ago I came across Greedy Giver. A Toronto based socially conscious company that is doing something very interesting, and in some ways innovative. Its all about taking some good ideas and making something better out of it. And that’s what they are trying to do. We recently worked with them to have 180 Smoke products featured as a socially conscious deal. See our electronic cigarette kit deal. 

The site seems to caters to four types of people:

  • Deal Hunters!  The site offers decent deals, usually not as many as Groupon or TeamBuy. A lot of socially conscious local and national businesses
  • Innovators! If you are looking for raising Crowd Funding, get out there. The community is mostly GTA focused at the moment so use this platform in addition to another platform.
  • Charities … looking for a new revenue channel. Go have a chat with them and get yourself listed / featured.
  • Businesses  … some increased brand awareness but more importantly the feeling that you are helping raise resources for good causes while acquiring some customers, granted at minimal to no profit. but then thats the point of working with them.

They are nice people in start-up mode, probably a small over-worked bunch.

Website wise, I personally haven’t been impressed. Given that its a web only service, i would have expected a lighter more responsive site from the team behind this wonderful tool.  The site is “too heavy” from UI and Search Friendly point of view. I am guessing its a home-built system . For the longest time, they had a image that popped up on home page encouraging people to join but it was a super heavy JPG file which took forever to load. I did a pingdom tool speed test (!/d2Od93/ and it look 11 seconds to load. Thats a long time.