I love Vancouver, Canada  based HealthChoicesFirst.com (HCF).  I often watch videos there  to learn more about medical conditions from practicing subject matter experts .  Don’t expect to find solution to your actual or apparent medical condition, but at least you will be more educated  and will know what you should do next.

HealthChoicesFirst.com, basically a self serve medical information site, and Rogers Healthcare Group, a division of Canadian giant Rogers have partnered up.  Rogers Healthcare Group will utilize the up to date database of 1,700 clinical videos at HealthChoicesFirst.com, to deliver new and valuable content to its medical, pharmacy and nursing audiences within its CanadianHealthcareNetwork.ca portal. They will have content related to smoking alternatives.

“We see this as a rich content boost with two fold benefits for our healthcare professional (HCP) audiences,” said Rick Campbell, editorial director of Rogers Healthcare Group. “Not only will the videos contain great peer-to-peer information from top experts in the country, they will also serve as valuable clinical refreshers and assist HCPs when connecting with their patients.”

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